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Nancy Spencer and Eric Renner
Available in two sizes:
8"x9.5" (softback) $35 plus shipping
11"x13" (hardback) $85 plus shipping

on deaf ears by Nancy Spencer and Eric Renner, Flying Monkey Press — an imprint of Pinhole Resource, 2008, 120 pgs. Foreword by Barbara G. Walker, color throughout, 46 color pinhole photographs, 44 assemblage photographs, 13 page catalogue of assemblages. Signed by the artists.

Representing a twenty year collaboration between Nancy Spencer and Eric Renner, co-directors of Pinhole Resource and co-editors of Pinhole Journal, this work deals with social issues concerning human rights, politics, religion, sexuality, stereotypes, Mickey Mouse, Elvis, Marilyn and their own relationship. on deaf ears has been exhibited extensively internationally and is finally in book form.

This stunning book is a rare look at the inner thoughts of the artists.

"on deaf ears"
"on deaf ears"